The Cookbook Club - WOK
The Cookbook Club - WOK
The Cookbook Club - WOK
The Cookbook Club - WOK
The Cookbook Club - WOK

The Cookbook Club - WOK

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Join us in the Irish Museum of Modern Art after hours on the 29th April for a private dining experience and the very first event of The Cookbook Club.

Tickets include a custom dinner menu by chef Kwanghi Chan, cooked by Camerino Bakery. Along with the meal, guests will also receive a copy of WOK to bring home with them, which will act as the menu for the night. 

BYO and drinks will also be available for sale. 

To make the night even sweeter, Kwanghi Chan, the author of  WOK, will be in attendance. Between each course, guests will be treated to a Q&A with the author, who will be sharing stories behind their journey of publishing a cookbook along with some extra insider tips, so you can recreate the recipes at home with confidence!

For grazing

Crispy seaweed
Spice bag prawn crackers
Homemade fortune cookies

Scallops with glass noodles
Sichuan-Style chicken and chive dumpling

Char Siu Pork
Steamed hake with crispy scallions
Steamed rice
Tofu & green beans
Sichuan-style aubergines
Jasmine green tea

Banana fritter with rum & raisin ice cream

The Cookbook Club is a great way to explore and learn about new cuisines, hear the stories behind publishing a cookbook, and to meet new people with a shared interest in food.

Doors: 6pm

Seating: 7-9:30pm

On-site parking

About Kwanghi Chan and WOK

Born in Hong Kong but raised in Buncrana, County Donegal, Kwanghi Chan says that his food isn't fully authentically Chinese, but neither is he. His book, WOK, is the first Irish-Chinese cookbook to be published. The recipes include some of Kwanghi's favourites, from the meals he grew up with, which kept him in touch with his Asian heritage, and the food he cooks at home now with his family. You'll also find some of the fusion flavours that Kwanghi loves from dishes influenced by his travels to Asia; from the flavours of the street food vendors to refined three-star Cantonese dishes. Broken down into nine sections - dumplings, street food, rice, beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetarian, and sweet - with three recipes in each section, Kwanghi is bringing Asian food to a wider Irish audience.

About Blasta Books

The Cookbook Club is thrilled to be collaborating with Blasta Books.

Blasta (blastə) adj From the Irish language, meaning delicious, tasty, appetising. Rhymes with pasta.

Blasta Books are changing the way that cookbooks are published in order to make more room at the table.

Hardcover, small format and illustrated by Dublin artist Nicky Hooper, the cookbooks are released four times a year as a quarterly periodical series.

Each volume is a standalone 72-page A5 cookbook, but as a collectible series they also provide a more inclusive snapshot of Ireland’s modern and diverse food culture, from tacos to tapas, spice bags to sushi.

They are little books with big voices.