All Cakes

Product Allergen
Baked Cheesecake G (W), M, E, N, P
Buttercream piped flowers M
Caramel Drip M
Carrot Cake G (W), E, N (Wa)
Chocolate Ganache/ Chocolate Ganache Drip M
Chocolate Bars G (W), M, E
Chocolate Biscuit Cake G (W), M, E
Chocolate Buttercream M
Chocolate Chip Almond cake M, N (A), E
Chocolate Chip Brownie E, M, N (A)
Chocolate Chip Cookie G (W), E, M
Chocolate Coconut Ganache
Chocolate Sponge cake G (W), E
Chocolate Sprinkle Brownie G (W), E, M
Coconut Almond Fudge N (A, Wa)
Cookie Crumble G (W), M, E
Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie G (W), E, M
Cream Cheese Frosting M
Crushed Chocolate Bars G (W), M, E, H, A, Wa, P
Ferrero Rocher H, G (W), M, S
Fresh Berries
Homemade Lemon curd E
Homemade Raspberry Jam
Homemade Toffee Sauce M
Lemon Drizzle Cake G (W), M, E
Lemon Drizzle Cookie G (W), E, M
Marshmallow Cornflake Cookie G (W), E, M
Nutella M, N (H)
Peanut Butter Brownie G (W), E, M, N (P)
Peanut Butter Cookie G (W), E, M, N (P)
Piped Buttercream Message M
Printed Picture
Raspberry Almond and Lemon Cake  M, N (A), E
Raspberry Almond Square M, E, N (A)
Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie G (W), E, M
Red Velvet G (W), M, E
Rocky Road G (W), M, E
Smarties M
Vanilla Buttercream M
Vanilla Sponge cake G (W), M, E
Vegan Chocolate G (W)
Layered Rainbow Vegetables Sandwich (G, W, S)
Marinated Kale with Avocado Sandwich (G, W, E, M)
Slow Roasted Irish Beef Sandwich (G, W, S, E)
Rotisserie Free Range Chicken Sandwich (G, W, S, E)
Honey Baked Ham Sandwich (G, W, S, E, M, Md)
Free Range Carved Turkey Sandwich
(G, W, S, E, M)


Allergen Key

W Wheat
G Gluten
N Nuts
A Almond
H Hazelnut
Wa Walnut
M Milk
E Egg
P Peanut
S Sesame
Md Mustard